Spiral Dynamics

So right now I'm struggling with the concept of Spiral Dynamics. I've encountered this before, but it's interesting to right now consider how it applies to ministry and our movement. Look at Table 1 in this paper for more information. What meme/worldview do you see Unitarian Universalism as operating from? Where do you see yourself? Where do you see your congregation? What are the limitations of the worldview from which you operate?
Meme 1 - Beige: SurvivalSense - survival, protection
Meme 2 - Purple: KinSpirits - tribalistic
Meme 3 - Red: PowerGods - Power, ego
Meme 4 - Blue: TruthForce - Authority, one right answer
Meme 5 - Orange: StriveDrive - Success
Meme 6 - Green: HumanBond - caring, community
Meme 7 - Yellow: FlexFlow - flexability, adaptability
Meme 8 - Turquoise: WholeView - spirituality, wholeness
(And do be polite in your response, even if you struggle with another's worldview.)


Matthew Smith said…
Hi Cynthia,
I see you are a sympathetic soul. I'm a Unitarian ministry student in the UK. I see many problems in UK Unitarianism as a struggle between orange and green. I wonder whether an integral vision (despite the danger of being perceived as hierarchical) is preferable to pluralism which may be worthy but ultimate not sustaining of hope for the future. Warm regards, Matthew Smith Email: matthew@clayhill2.freeserve.co.uk

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