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Major Meadville Moments

Recently Meadville Lombard Theological School announced that they are ending negotiations with Andover Newton Theological School to become one combined theological university.  The stated reasons are that the sale of its historic building has left it in a stronger financial position than expected, and that Meadville Lombard and Andover Newton couldn't agree on a governance model.  This announcement would seem to be a good thing for Meadville.

But I think we're still holding our breath out here.  At least I am. 

I remain committed to the institution in many ways.  I see good students go in and good ministers come out.  I see a committed faculty, staff, and board, with a great deal of wisdom and experience among them.  I see an institution that has a very important role in our movement as one of two very different Unitarian Universalist seminaries.  I believe Unitarian Universalist seminaries have an important role in shaping our movement, and in maintaining a strong cohesive se…