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The groups of people and individual people who persist in perpetuating the absolute myth that President Barack Obama is not a U.S.-born citizen is troubling. What is even more troubling than the people who fervently believe this, to me, is the group of people whom I believe to NOT believe it, yet are doing everything they can to keep the rumor mill going, or to avoid stating outright that Barack Obama is, indeed, a U.S.-born citizen, in order to pander to these people for votes or other support. NPR did an excellent article on the subject, which you can listen to here.
One of those people who I believe knows better but is peddling in hate is Lou Dobbs of CNN. CNN is one of the many reputable news sources that has proven satisfactorily that Barack Obama is, indeed, a citizen of the U.S. born in the U.S. in Hawaii. The Southern Poverty Law Center has called for Dobbs' dismissal. Rush Limbaugh is another one peddling this story who I think really does know better:

Other hate peddlers …


For years, I have been carrying bottled water into the pulpit. I drink and like tap water at home, but I don't like the taste of the church's well water, so I've been porting my own water in, yes, those horrible plastic bottles that fill up our landfills. Now seems like the time to stop. So this summer I've been in search of the perfect bottle to take to church every week (and every other day I'm there, as well). I started by mentioning this to my husband. He had previously purchased some Rubbermaid ones we've been using at home:

These won't work for toting water to church, because (as, yes, I have found) the cap isn't very secure and will leak water all over your bag and onto your sermon. So when I mentioned to my husband that I was looking for one that would work for taking to church, unbeknownst to me, he went and purchased a bottle from "ecousable." This has the advantage of having the round top where I could clip it to the outside of my ba…

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I'm on vacation and study leave for July, so posts to this blog may be brief, sporadic, or even non-existent for the next few weeks. Meanwhile, you're welcome to follow me on Twitter, as that shorter format is more likely to get used by me during this time, since I can post easily from most locations via phone.

I've had a couple of requests for information on when and why I screen comments, so I thought it would be helpful to create a blog post on the subject. Here's my earlier post with guidelines, but it seems a bit insufficiently explained there, because I was new and exploring what things would be like on this blog at the time.

Yes, posts are moderated on this blog. I post most comments, but screen some. Comments that are critical of my posts or of our faith are allowed. I do not want to cut off meaningful dialogue, if possible. Comments will be screened if they are name-calling, if they are discussing personal accusations outside of the content of my blog post…