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Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters

I missed my regular blog post last week, and I'm sort of cheating this week. Meanwhile, thank you readers, for some really excellent comments and questions on the subject of church growth. I'll return to that subject soon. Next week I'm on vacation and may not post, but if not, I'm committing to returning to the subject of church growth the following week. Meanwhile, this week I'm addressing the UUSC's "Justice Sunday" in worship, and thought this blog would be a good place to post this video on the subject.


Like every small church, we spend a fair amount of time talking about growth, and have for years... and have not grown. We've gone to growth workshops, brought in growth consultants, sermonized and read on growth... and have not grown. We are not, at the moment, a breakthrough congregation. And yet... and yet...

There is still hope, there is still trying, there is still desire for growth.

We have our obstacles. We are at a natural plateau in size, where to grow we would have to move out of family style church and into the next size group: pastoral. We have a small sanctuary, small parking lot, and small religious education spaces, each of which is a limiting factor on growth. We're in a rural location in a community that may not have much potential for growth.

The Rev. Peter Morales, one of the candidates for president of the UUA, once said this:
Why does a movement that says it wants to grow and that has hundreds of thousands of people ready to join it stay so small?
What ar…