The column "Annie's Mailbox" appears in our daily paper, and the column yesterday got me irritated enough to write a response.

Dear Annie,
I usually enjoy your column, but you missed the mark in your 11/18 column in two very significant ways.
First, your advice to "Frustrated" urged a parent to talk first to the teacher. I agree. The problem comes with your next piece of advice, which was that this was an opportunity for the son to learn how to deal with difficult people. Annie, the letter said the teacher "is mean and degrading and belittles the children on a daily basis." She also said, the children "are tormented each day." While this may be hyperbole, it's possible it's true. And if it is true, it is absolutely unacceptable, and she needs to remove her child from that atmosphere immediately. Too often we let things that are outrageous pass because they are done by authority figures. Being in a position of authority does not make tormenting children acceptable. No child should be subjected to this treatment.
Secondly, your advice to "Husband of a Sudden Bisexual" included this statement: "If your wife is bisexual, your marriage may not be reconcilable." While it is probable that this marriage is not reconcilable, the problem isn't bisexuality, per se, and your answer reinforces a false stereotype that says bisexuals are inherently promiscuous and can't be monogamous just because they're attracted to people of both sexes. To the contrary, bisexuals absolutely can be in faithful, committed monogamous relationships. Please be more careful about spreading these stereotypes about bisexuals! The Husband of a Sudden Bisexual's problem that may make the marriage irreconcilable is his wife's desire, which is she is acting on, to have sex with other people. The sex of the people she is having it with is immaterial.
Rev. Dr. Cynthia L. Landrum


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