Yes, We Need a Giant Umbrella

Thank goodness for parody. This video, for example (found at James Ishmael Ford's blog) from Funny or Die, does a nice job at poking fun at NAM's "Gathering Storm" commercial, which perpetuates just-plain-lies about same-sex marriage:

If you haven't seen the original ad that this parodies, go see it on youtube here. There's also a very nice parody by Stephen Colbert.

Meanwhile, if you're done watching videos I just want to say that I'm very excited about going to the HRC Clergy Call in a couple of weeks. I made the decision to go today, and am looking forward to meeting up with other UU ministers who attend, as well as my elected representatives. This is my first ever lobbying trip to DC (and I've never attended a march on the Mall, either), so it's pretty exciting in that regard.

A sad sign of the economy, related to this however: the UUA's continuing education fund for ministers has dried up for the year. *sigh*


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