Vermont & Iowa

Just wanted to give a brief shout of joy for the decisions to legalize same-sex marriage in Iowa and Vermont. I'm particularly thrilled about Iowa, as it's nice to finally have one state in the Midwest that promotes equality and love. We're not a complete wasteland here in the Midwest, despite what many of my New Englander friends seemed to think! :) And bravo to those UUs, clergy and lay, who worked tirelessly in both states, I am sure. Congratulations!


Robin Edgar said…
While I can understand why you are particularly thrilled about Iowa I think that, your MidWest pride aside, you and other U*Us should *really* be particularly thrilled about Vermont. I expect that the very democratic strong majority decision made by both the upper and lower houses of its legislature will carry rather more weight and future political influence than the decision of a handful of a handful of "activist" Iowa Supreme Court judges. Time will tell what happens in Iowa but one politically conservative U*U blogger was predicting a backlash in the Iowa electorate as a result of the Supreme Court decision. With any luck the very democratic Vermont decision will forestall that possibility.
Cynthia Landrum said…
I agree, Robin. The legislative victory is a greater one than a judicial decision (although I'm pretty sick of the term "activist judges"--that's a whole other issue to address some other day). Jon Stewart had a pretty funny bit ranking the gay marriage states here

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