Complaining About E-Mail

This week, on the same day, California's Supreme Court upheld the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, and President Obama announced who his pick for U.S. Supreme Court will be.

This led to a flurry of e-mails.

I think I got announcements about the California decision from Triangle, Michigan Equality, the Lansing Association for Human Rights (LAHR) (two or three e-mails), and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), and the UUA. Fortunately, I did not get one from Jackson PFLAG, which sticks to monthly newsletters. I got announcements about Obama's decision from Planned Parenthood, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC), MoveOn, and President Obama (twice). That's at least a dozen e-mails to tell me two pieces of information.

Now I admit it could be worse. There are a lot more agencies I could've gotten e-mails from that I do get e-mails from regularly, and there are a lot of agencies I don't get e-mails from that I could subscribe to. But the problem is that I do want to hear from these agencies--about their events, programs, etc. And if none of them had sent e-mails, I might not have heard... until I turned on NPR, or logged onto facebook where probably three dozen friends & colleagues posted status updates about it, myself included.

But I do wish there was a way to consolidate this information, or that people from state-level lgbt organizations, for example, could assume you'd hear national news from the national organization, and so would stick to sending state-level information. That would definitely help with the e-mail overload.


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