Hurricanes, Reaching Out, and Our Interconnectedness

We spent a rainy weekend here in Michigan this weekend. It was a reminder, every time we stepped outdoors, of what was happening on the other side of the country from us, down in Texas.

Some may remember that I served a congregation in Houston briefly before heading North again. I checked that church's webpage and other church's webpage as we anxiously awaited news of how our fellow UUs were surviving the storm. The Southwestern Unitarian Universalist Conference now has more information posted here. No news of my old congregation, the Northwest UU Community Church, has been posted, but there's a lot to learn about other UU congregations, especially, the UU Fellowship of Galveston, which is presumed flooded.

The UU world is a small one, and the interconnection easy to observe, from the fact that I served a church in this area and a former minister of our church, the Rev. Susan Smith, is now district executive of the Southwestern Conference. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her, to the churches, their ministers, members, and friends.


Mike O'Hare said…
When you speak of Interconnectedness, are you referring to the closeness of what exists around the parameters of your organization and activities? Or are you referring to the Interconnectedness of everything?

There is a huge difference and I hope you don't mind my taking the liberty to share with you a novel that I have just co-authored. It is fiction, but the fundamental message which is central to the story is that all things -- without exception -- are connected.

This is a huge message and one that I hope many people will embrace as they read "The Meadow". If I haven't encroached on your faith or beliefs, then please have a look in at The Meadow home page and find a story that was meant to be written.

It won't be published until Christmas this year (2008) but I'm hoping many people will come back to the above Home Page later and find details which demonstrates where the book can be found.

Sorry for the intrusion, but it was Google that brought me here. My blogs have a module which pick up on familiar words and phrases and there is nothing more powerful than "the interconnectedness of multi-dimensional consciousness".

I think I have just illustrated how this works and how contact can manifest in so many different ways.

Apologies for any offence made.

Mike O'Hare

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